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9/8/2009 - Posted by:
The Law Office of John J. Leunig
Phone: 952-540-6800
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Representative Cases




Intentional Murder charge. Following client's extradition from the State of Washington, client was acquitted of Murder after a nearly month long trial.


          Criminal Sexual Conduct


Multi-count criminal sexual conduct complaint against client alleging rape and other sexual crimes against two separate victims.  Client was acquitted of all charges after a lengthy trial.


Criminal Sexual Conduct - Juvenile


13-year old client charged with criminal sexual conduct.  Client totally acquitted following a court trial in Juvenile Court.


Criminal Sexual Conduct - Teacher and former Student


36-year old teacher accused of non-consentual sexual activity with 18-year old former student.  Following  Jury Trial in Wisconsin, client was totally acquitted of all charges.


Criminal Sexual Conduct involving child 


Criminal Sexual Conduct charges against client alleging rape of his daughter.  After a lengthy trial, the client was acquitted of all charges.


          Criminal Sexual Conduct involving children 


Multi-count criminal sexual conduct complaint against client alleging rape and other sexual crimes against two family members.  Client was acquitted of all charges after a lengthy trial.


Felony Fleeing a Police Officer 


Felony fleeing a police officer charge against client.  Although client hired Mr. Leunig only 3 days prior to trial, client was acquitted after a jury trial.


Driving Under the Influence with a Prior Conviction


DWI case where the client had a prior offense.  The Court ruled in the client's favor at the Implied Consent hearing which led to the criminal case being completely dismissed.




Client was charged with assault after being involved in a fight in a bar.  At the conclusion of trial the client was acquitted of all charges.


Driving Under the Influence


Client was charged with Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and was acquitted following a trial.




Mr. Leunig has successfully negotiated the resolution of hundreds of cases during his years in practice.  He has achieved outright dismissals in Felony, Gross Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor cases, and has received significant reductions in the seriousness of charged offenses and subsequent punishment as the result of his well-honed and proven negotiation skills.

In one recent felony drug case, a client involved in his fourth felony matter who was facing a presumptive multi-year prison sentence received a local jail sentence with eligibility for work release. 


In cases too numerous to list, DWI-related charges have been totally dismissed, pleas being entered to non-alcohol related charges such as careless driving.  Likewise, in cases involving prostitution and lurking, Mr. Leunig has kept these embarrassing charges off his client's records.  In Domestic Assault cases Mr. Leunig has consistently negotiated agreements that keep this serious and embarrassing charge off his client's record.


In another recent case, on the day scheduled for jury trial, Mr. Leunig obtained a continuance for dismissal in a Felony Terroristic Threats case, meaning that as long as the client has no new charges in the next year, the entire case will be dismissed.  Not two weeks later he achieved an outright dismissal of two First Degree Rape charges and a Second Degree Assault charge (involving a gun) against a client who was facing a long prison sentence if convicted.  He pled to a reduced charge and didn't receive a single day in jail.


In sum, Mr. Leunig has established himself as a lawyer who goes to trial in big and small cases and win, and who can successfully negotiate even the most daunting of cases.  His unique blend of poise, persistence, optimism, intelligence and humor, coupled with him reputation for winning at trial gives his client's an edge in an arena where the stakes are huge and the skill and reputation of one's lawyer is paramount.  While he cannot take credit for these famous words, his motto throughout his professional career always has been and always will be, simply:


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