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Henry, MO, 64735
3 misdemeanor charges 2 class A 1class B for stealing 500 or less child endangerment and trespassing

Platte, MO, 64151
MY husband broke into my home assaulted me and I am the one on probation. He wouldn't leave and continued to be hostile and abusive. When he went after my daughter that night I went after him and slapped him told him to get out of my home and leave us alone. He has a residence and that was my house. I did poke him with knife because he claimed he was coming back in and he was not finished. When I did that he said he was still coming back in after he put something in his car outside garage. I locked doors. He broke in thru front door. Finally he left and I called the police. They came and they were asses. I threw them out. They later came to arrest me. I know I sound like a big mouth but I am livid. I see what happens everyday to criminals who are in fore B&Eing. He gets away with it and i am on probation. Something has to change. I was 94lbs and tired of being hit and protecting my child from that monster. How in the name of God does the law get away with this?!

Pulaski, MO, 65452
poss charge

New Madrid, MO, 63869
I have been charged with possesion of marijuana under 35 g and drug paraphenilia. I would like to know about how much your fee would be to work on a case like this. Thank you for your time.

Saint Charles, MO, 63301
Possesion of paraphernalia I live on a campus house at Lindenwood Univ. in Saint Charles, MO with two other roommates. They were caught smoking marijuana in the living room by the police. At that moment I was upstairs studying in my room. We were all given a uniform citation to go to court on May 9, 2012 at 2pm for the offense of Possession of Paraphernalia. I do NOT smoke marijuana. The next morning I went to get a drug test done. Results: Negative. If this proves that I do NOT smoke marijuana, will this charges be easily taken away?

Pemiscot, MO, 33973
On april 6th my husband was arrested at our home in florida for missing a court date in pemiscot county. He was going to court because they were trying to charge him with a burglary that he didn't commit.

Johnson, MO, 64040
This is in reference too my boyfriend Adam Justice, and his charges of 1st degree burglery, violation of an ex parte, and resisting arrest by other than flight. It would be much appreciated if I could get some legal advice about this matter in a timely fashion.

Saint Charles, MO, 63348
I got pulled over for stopping at a traffic light last night, 7/25/2010. And my vehicle was searched, under my permission, and a dugout was found.

Stone, MO, 65681
I am 1/15th owner of a dock on Table Rock Lake in Stone County. Does another owner have the right to "allow" friends to use the dock when the other majority owners are unapproving? How does trespassing fit in?

Jasper, MO, 64801
My oncology social worker was not in when I called her to tell her I was feeling depressed. A clerk urgerd me repeatedly to talk with her. Reluctantly I began to tell her I was depressed over my health, impending divorce and loss of my granddaughter. I said "sometimes I just feel like driving off a bridge". But I told her I would never do that, I believe suicide is a mortal sin. She asked if there were any loaded weapons in the house and I said my husband always keeps a revolver by the bed, but that I would never shoot myself, again, suicide is a mortal sin I told her. I told her I was just depressed and needed a pep talk. Before I knew it the police surrounded my home, order me out of the house and handcuffed me and took me to a mental unit. I was held there against my will for a week, never was treated for depression, no new meds were perscribed, didn't receive any help with depression and was treated likke a criminal. There were mostly addicts in there recovering from "overdoses" and others just ranted up and down the halls all day. The only med I take for depression and pain is Cymbalta, I'm not an addict or dulussional, so why was I forced to go there? Dr. Goad deliberately held me there because I questioned his "style" of interrogation, which is demeaning and demoralizing. I can prove he just toyed with me. The staff said to play along with him or I'll never get out. Again, the so called "unit" never addressed my depression with new medications or therapy. My depression was high due to my placement there and the way it was handled. I was finally allowed to leave on my daughter's 16th birthday, but very late in the day after a 2 minute meeting. Dr. Goad asked me if I was going to kill myself, I said "no", then he said I could go. I NEVER said to ANYONE I was going to kill myself, I believe my incarceration was cruel and unusual punishment given the way it was handled and my sunsequent placement.

Boone, MO, 65203
I was given a ticket for unlawful use of drug paraphernelia. I reside in Columbia, where marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes and I am a multiple sclerosis patient.

Saint Louis city, MO, 63106
My daughter was charged with burglary

Saint Louis city, MO, 63106
Accuser stated that she reentered their home and stole a credit card and threw it away.

Franklin, MO, 63084
I would like to have fee information for a first degree murder case in Missouri.

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