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Charlotte Christian Family Law Group
Counties served:
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Charlotte Christian Family Law Group
Charlotte Christian

122 W. Market St.
Athens AL 35611
(256) 232-2114

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Alt. Phone: (256) 232-2114

Charlotte Christian Family Law Group

Please Call : 256-232-2114

From Huntsville to Mobile--Focused Family Law for Alabama

The Experience to Help...The Compassion to Serve

We are the Alabama Family Law Group (AFLG) — bringing a focus on our clients and their legal problems, we concentrate on providing passionate and thoughtful representation to men and women throughout Alabama  who are experiencing the pain and difficulty of divorce. The Alabama Family Law Group was founded by lead attorney, Charlotte Christian in 2000; our pledge is to ensure that all clients with whom we work receive the personal attention they deserve, the legal support they require and the best possible outcomes we can obtain for them. Charlotte and her team of dedicated, hardworking, and experienced team members know that the goal for individuals who are addressing most family law matters is restoring their lives and moving on to brighter futures. AFLG's role is to assist them in reaching that goal.

Please Call : 256-232-2114

The Knowledge to Guide You through Difficult Times

No one gets married expecting to face divorce in the future. However, sometimes the emotional struggles your spouse and you face become overwhelming—the family difficulties may be devastating—the stress may be affecting you at home and at work. The Alabama Family Law Group has represented hundreds of clients since our founding, many who have found themselves in situations just like yours. That being said, we know that each client is a unique person with a unique situation; therefore, our team strives to know you on a personal level to learn what motivates you and how we can best work with you and for you.

Whether they are inside or outside of the courtroom, Alabamians know that they can turn to AFLG for strong strategic planning, vigorous defense and representation of clients’ rights and positions, Our concentration and focus are on what is best for our clients and their families. We will walk you through the options in both contested and uncontested divorces and the options for custody, child support, property division and spousal support. Our team has modified judgments and assisted in changing visitation rules. We also assist our troops serving at home and abroad who are going through the difficult process concerning family law matters—as we do for all our clients.

Planning for Your Future Just Got Easier

At AFLG, we really do understand that you are dealing with a life-changing decision when your spouse and you decide that you can no longer remain married. Lead attorney, Charlotte Christian, works with you to guide you through the emotional toll of divorce and custody issues. Our team outlines your options and discusses the opportunities that can arise—reconciliation and counseling, judgments from the court or negotiations of settlement agreements that let couples part on their own terms. Making a decision is the first step. With our help, you can be confident that your life can resume, and you can enjoy the life style that once made you happy.

 Remember, you are more than data for a statistical study; therefore, your situation should not be processed from a legal "formbook."    Your case should be addressed uniquely and customized to your own set of circumstances.    The most important strategy you can employ is to decide to move forward.  The Alabama Family Law Group recommends two important steps to proceed with your process:

  1. Put strategies in place to protect yourself IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Retain aHuntsville, Athens or Decatur, Alabama, attorney to represent your interests and meet your needs.

We understand that your dealing with your husband or wife about a possible separation or divorce can be a terribly devastating experience. One aspect of this experience about which we can assist you is by our providing confidential options and alternatives.   We can aid you in employing special arrangements to possibly save your marriage, or we can discuss the alternatives with you and begin the process of strategy building for the next steps.   


Please Call : 256-232-2114


Choose your  law firm carefully!

Who will best meet your needs?

You must consider two fundamental factors in choosing an Alabama law firm to represent you:

Will your case be treated uniquely?

Charlotte Christian knows that each divorce in Alabama is a unique and individual experience.  Therefore, the firm will build a legal roadmap that is specifically designed to address your own individual circumstances.  We develop a strategy and execute it with excellence to allow you to amicably resolve your issues.  If necessary, we are prepared to zealously represent you in trial.  

Please Call : 256-232-2114

Inspire your confidence!

Your legal team at Alabama Family Law  Group will inspire your confidence.   We will use our experience to guide you through the complex processes of divorce.   We have the time, patience and understanding to address your unique situation.   We believe that we should be:

•    Inspiring
•    Professional
•    Friendly
•    Available

Charlotte Christian and her staff will relentlessly pursue and defend your rights, both inside and outside the courtroom.  Once we are on your side, we will be:

•    Demanding and forceful
•    Vigorous and assertive
•    Zealous in defending your position
•    Accepting of only what is right for you

Choosing the law firm to represent you during a critical life-changing time is a major decision. Inevitably, the decisions you make during the divorce process will affect you significantly, both immediately and in the future.  While these choices and resolutions may sound frightening, they represent fundamental facts and unfortunate realities.

When you consider hiring a law firm, your key main question to potential firms should be “why should I choose your law firm to represent me?”  We answer this question! 

 Divorce situations are unique, and we will want to discuss your specific situation in person to establish that we are the best firm to represent you.    

Only Family Law—Only Alabama—Only Accepting What is Right For You

If you are thinking about divorce, dealing with a custody issue or wondering what the next step is when you have been served with a complaint, the Alabama Family Law Group is here to be on your side. From Huntsville to Mobile and elsewhere throughout the state we are here to show you why we are different. Please give us a call at 256-262-8606 or contact us online.

For more information, please read The Six Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Filing for Divorce to learn how to protect your rights in a divorce situation. The AFLG team serves clients throughout Alabama, including Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, Athens, Florence, Decatur and Madison. 

Please Call : 256-232-2114

Athens AL Criminal Defense Attorney

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Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Reckless Driving Assault
Breaking and Entering Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Larceny/Theft Kidnapping Drug Possession
Burglary Wire fraud Robbery
Carjacking Battery Perjury
Sexual assault Rape Sexual battery
Prostitution Trespass Manslaughter
Obscenity Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct
Criminal Sexual Conduct Criminal Confinement Conspiracy
DUI / DWI Intimidation Lewdness
Arson Possession of stolen property False Imprisonment
Forgery Tax Evasion Securities Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud Bribery Embezzlement
Insurance Fraud Money Laundering Indecent Exposure
Identity Theft Pyramid Schemes Fraud
Habitual Traffic Offender Extortion Stalking
Child Abuse Hate Crimes Homicide
First Degree Murder Second Degree Murder Voluntary manslaughter
Involuntary manslaughter Justifiable Homicide
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