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David Rosenbloom, P.C.
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David Rosenbloom, P.C.
David Rosenbloom

65 Matterhorn Terrace
Park City UT 84098
(800) 542-5384

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David Rosenbloom, P.C.


Please Call: 800-542-5384

Why You Should Call Us:


If you are visiting this website chances are you have already made one big mistake: you tried to comply with the arresting officer’s directives, in the hopes of convincing him that you were not impaired, when in fact you should have said nothing and completed no tests, since by law, field sobriety tests are completely voluntary.  In essence, all you did was give the officer evidence to build a case against you.


Please. One mistake is enough! You made it because very simply, you did not know your legal rights. So we’re not saying hire us. All we are saying is DON’T MAKE ANOTHER MISTAKE BY PLEADING GUILTY when you do not know how strong the evidence is against you. At the VERY LEAST. Let us, or another competent attorney, evaluate your case for free, and give you an objective analysis of your chances at reducing or eliminating the charges against you. Want a real-life example of why?


A 21 year-old college student facing the following charges: 92 mph in a 75 mph zone; possession of one ounce of marijuana; possession of paraphenalia; and DUI.  He was ready to plead guilty! After examining the police report we found a fatal error which resulted in all charges being DROPPED!


Because this is all we do. Because we’ve looked at hundreds of these police reports, we noticed something was missing in the report that ruined the case. And believe it or not, these kinds of things happen all the time in the DUI field.  We just had back-to-back license revocations reversed which allowed the parties to drive while they were litigating their charges. Why?


If nothing else we can help fully explain what you need to know about the ramifications of having a DUI on your record for the rest of your life.


Please Call: 800-542-5384

About David E. Rosenbloom:




B.A. English, Philosophy with Honors, Colgate University 1984

Visiting Student, Princeton University, 1983

Publishing Certificate, Harvard College, 1985

J.D. University Of Utah, 2000 (Marriner S. Eccles Scholarship Award)


Additional Training:


NHTSA Certified – Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

NHTSA Certificate – Instructor Level, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing




Member - National College Of DUI Defense Attorneys

Member – Utah State Bar

Member – Utah Trial Lawyers Association

Member – Park City Bar Association


Please Call: 800-542-5384

Please Call: 800-542-5384

Park City UT Criminal Defense Attorney

Main Page  About Us  David Rosenbloom  Test Your Case  Attorney Fees

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Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Reckless Driving Assault
Breaking and Entering Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Larceny/Theft Kidnapping Drug Possession
Burglary Wire fraud Robbery
Carjacking Battery Perjury
Sexual assault Rape Sexual battery
Prostitution Trespass Manslaughter
Obscenity Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct
Criminal Sexual Conduct Criminal Confinement Conspiracy
DUI / DWI Intimidation Lewdness
Arson Possession of stolen property False Imprisonment
Forgery Tax Evasion Securities Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud Bribery Embezzlement
Insurance Fraud Money Laundering Indecent Exposure
Identity Theft Pyramid Schemes Fraud
Habitual Traffic Offender Extortion Stalking
Child Abuse Hate Crimes Homicide
First Degree Murder Second Degree Murder Voluntary manslaughter
Involuntary manslaughter Justifiable Homicide
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