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Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel
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Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel
John Hinkle

2007 W. Hedding St., Suite 100
San Jose CA 95128
(408) 246-5500

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Alt. Phone: 1-877-295-4818

Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel

Please Call : 408-246-5500

San Jose Criminal Defense Attorneys

Successfully Defending Clients for more than Thirty Years

Have you been arrested or cited for a criminal violation? Are you facing DUI charges? Have alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs led to your arrest? Have you been charged with a crime of theft or violence? Do you require the services of a skilled criminal defense lawyer to keep you out of jail following allegations of spousal abuse or a sex crime?

Contact the law offices of Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel to schedule an initial consultation. We are the largest criminal defense law firm in San Jose, and the South Bay area. Our criminal defense lawyers have been defending people charged with crimes in Santa Clara County for more than thirty years.

The California criminal defense lawyers at the law offices of Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel can help you stay out of jail and get back to work and your family.

Aggressive Attorneys Striving for the Best Results

At the law offices of Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel, we believe that every citizen deserves competent, aggressive counsel. When the government arrests you, state and federal prosecutors have almost limitless resources at their disposal to convince a jury that you are guilty. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are committed to your case and to keeping you out of jail. We have the resources available to counter or attack the prosecutor's charges.

Our team of criminal lawyers includes two former police officers and a Certified Criminal Law Specialist (State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). We understand the procedures police and prosecutors are required to follow and will assure you that your civil and constitutional rights are not violated in either state or federal court.

Our Practice Areas

Our firm represents clients facing a wide range of charges. From traffic cases such as DUI/DWI and DMV cases, to sex crimes involving allegations of child molestation or prostitution, we strive to obtain results for you.

Many other misdemeanor and felony cases we handle include:

We Have Hope in Our Clients' Futures

Few who commit a crime are bad people. They may have just made a bad decision at the wrong time. That is precisely why we look for ways to minimize the effects of a criminal conviction, including reducing felonies to misdemeanors or expunging prior convictions from criminal records. We also offer dedicated assistance to our clients' who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Contact an Experienced and Successful Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been or are about to be charged with a criminal offense, contact the San Jose, California, law offices of Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel immediately. We proudly serve citizens of Santa Clara County, and throughout the South Bay area.

Please Call : 408-246-5500

Attorney profile

John H. Hinkle 
San Jose, California
Founding Partner
phone 408-217-0356
fax 408-246-1051
email Email Me

John Hinkle is a founding partner of Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel, having practiced criminal law since 1976. He served as a San Jose Police Officer from 1969 through 1974, gaining valuable experience in relationships with local law enforcement. This law enforcement background gives him unique knowledge of the criminal justice system from both sides, as well as the political knowledge to produce excellent results in the negotiation of cases which might or might not benefit from trial.

He has served as a Judge Pro Tem of the Superior and Municipal Courts in Santa Clara County and serves on the Board of Directors of the Teen Counseling Center of the West Valley (President 1997 and 1998), Pate House, Inc., Alcohol and Drug Recovery Home (President 1995 through 1996), Volunteers In Parole, serving juvenile offenders currently released on parole from the California Youth Authority, having served as president of that organization as well; he is a member of the Santa Clara County Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Founding Member of the California DUI Defense Lawyers, and has served on many committees of the Santa Clara County Bar Association, including the Ethics Committee and the Mediator/Arbitrator Committees.

John Hinkle's experience in defending police and firefighters in their discipline and criminal cases has earned him a following of loyal clients for whom he has successfully represented cases from homicide to petty theft. He maintains a strong focus in sex cases and spousal abuse.

"Good citizens rights are rights that are regularly trampled by ill conceived laws and overly aggressive enforcement."

John is a family man, married with two children. He enjoys playing tennis, golf, playing guitar, mandolin and banjo and is a member of the Peninsulaires, men's barber shop chorus.

John Hinkle has the experience, as Managing Partner of Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel, to steer your legal problem to the right conclusion, with the right counsel. Call John Hinkle directly for immediate personal contact and advice. (408) 246-5500.

Criminal Law practice areas:

DUI, DMV & Traffic Violations
1st Offense DUI
2nd Offense DUI
3rd Offense DUI
4th Offense DUI
DUI with Injury
Traffic Misdemeanor
DMV Cases
Assault, Abuse & Sex Crimes
Spousal Abuse
Assault & Battery
Sex Crimes / Child Sexual Abuse
Child Molestation
Spousal Rape
Child Pornography
Theft & Fraud
Petty Theft
Grand Theft
Theft & Embezzlement
Shop Lifting
Internet Crimes
Tax Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Notary Fraud
Mortgage and Notary Fraud
Drugs & Violent Crimes
Drug-Related Offenses
Law & Addiction
Homicide / Murder / Manslaughter
Vehicular Manslaughter
Juvenile Law
Juvenile Law
Juvenile DUI / Underage Drinking
Felonies, Federal & Criminal Records
Reduction of Felonies to Misdemeanors
Expungement / Dismissal of Criminal Records
Federal Cases

Areas of Practice:
Drug-Related Cases
Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
Federal Cases & Tax Fraud
Juvenile & Dependency
Law & Addiction
Misdemeanors & Felonies
Spousal & Child Abuse
Sex Offenses
Bar Admissions:
California, 1976
Professional Associations and Memberships:
Superior and Municipal Courts, Santa Clara County
Judge Pro Tem

California DUI Defense Lawyers
Founding Member

Teen Counseling Center of the West Valley
Board of Directors, Past President

Teen Counseling Center of the West Valley, 1997 - 1998
Past President

Pate House, Inc., Alcohol and Drug Recovery Home

Pate House, Inc., Alcohol and Drug Recovery Home, 1995 - 1996
Past President

Volunteers In Parole, California Youth Authority Santa Clara County
Executive and Board of Directors

Santa Clara County Bar Association

National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers

California Attorneys for Criminal Justice

Santa Clara County Bar Association, Ethics Committee

Santa Clara County Bar Association
Member, Mediator/Arbitrator Committee

Santa Clara County Criminal Defense Bar

Past Employment Positions:
San Jose, California, Police Officer, 1969 - 1974

Miller & Hinkle Attorneys at Law, Founding Partner

Please Call : 408-246-5500

San Jose CA Criminal Defense Attorney

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Cities served:
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Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Reckless Driving Assault
Breaking and Entering Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Larceny/Theft Kidnapping Drug Possession
Burglary Wire fraud Robbery
Carjacking Battery Perjury
Sexual assault Rape Sexual battery
Prostitution Trespass Manslaughter
Obscenity Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct
Criminal Sexual Conduct Criminal Confinement Conspiracy
DUI / DWI Intimidation Lewdness
Arson Possession of stolen property False Imprisonment
Forgery Tax Evasion Securities Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud Bribery Embezzlement
Insurance Fraud Money Laundering Indecent Exposure
Identity Theft Pyramid Schemes Fraud
Habitual Traffic Offender Extortion Stalking
Child Abuse Hate Crimes Homicide
First Degree Murder Second Degree Murder Voluntary manslaughter
Involuntary manslaughter Justifiable Homicide
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