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Frank Walker

428 Forbes Avenue, Ste. 1800
Pittsburgh PA 15219
(412) 532-6805

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Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Walker II

Contact me: 412.532.6805| email me

How Do you Gauge Experience when Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Usually, the most common method is to look at the number of years performing a specific task. But it’s not the same when you are talking about retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh.

When your freedom is at stake, and you or a family member are facing a mandatory prison sentence or a first felony conviction, the loss of license or all the above, experience takes on a whole new definition.

This is where Attorney Frank Walker steps in

There are so many questions to answer when you are arrested, served with a criminal complaint and find yourself sitting on the intake pod at the Allegheny County Jail:

• Should I talk to the police?
• Should I just plead guilty and get this over with?
• Should I attempt to explain my side of the story to the investigative detectives?
• Should I hire an attorney or represent myself?
• Do I waive my preliminary hearing or request a hearing?
• Who should I call?

Indeed, the stress of the entire experience has caused many to freeze up and fail to make a decision. Most, are only worried about posting bond or telling their story that many end up sharing information about their case to another inmate, who then turns to testify against them later at the trial!

However, the worst decision you can make at this point is failing to research your potential options for a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling your type of case. For example, if you are facing a potential penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole, what would possess you choose a lawyer who promises or guarantees to beat your case at the preliminary hearing by pinning their entire defense strategy on hoping that the two eyewitnesses don’t show up?

So how do you determine experience when determining which lawyer you want standing beside you arguing to twelve citizens of the Commonwealth that you were not the person who committed the alleged heinous offenses?

Here are some minimal considerations when choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • How many trials has the attorney actually litigated to a conclusion?
  • What percentage of each lawyer’s practice is devoted to the handling of your type of case cases?

Attorney Frank Walker is an experienced Trial Attorney with proven results to support his credentials as one of the foremost Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

Frank served as Senior Counsel in the Allegheny County Office of Conflict Counsel where he honed his trial skills as lead trial counsel on numerous Jury Trials and Non Jury Trials covering many criminal acts, which included but are not limited to

Additionally, Frank has researched and filed numerous pre-trial motions, post-sentence motions, Direct Appeals to the Superior Court, Petition for Allowance of Appeal to the Supreme Court and petitions pursuant to the Post Conviction Relief Act.

Attorney Walker is the Owner and Lead Counsel for Frank Walker Law, a Pittsburgh Law Firm Dedicated to Real Talk, Real Experience and Real Results. Contact Frank Today to schedule an Appointment.

Contact me: 412.532.6805| email me

Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer Frank Walker

Main Page  Practice Areas  Contact Us

  Videos for Attorney Frank Walker   Frank in the News

  Radio Interviews with Pittsburgh Lawyer Frank Walker  Case Results

Cities served:
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Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Reckless Driving Assault
Breaking and Entering Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Larceny/Theft Kidnapping Drug Possession
Burglary Wire fraud Robbery
Carjacking Battery Perjury
Sexual assault Rape Sexual battery
Prostitution Trespass Manslaughter
Obscenity Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct
Criminal Sexual Conduct Criminal Confinement Conspiracy
DUI / DWI Intimidation Lewdness
Arson Possession of stolen property False Imprisonment
Forgery Tax Evasion Securities Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud Bribery Embezzlement
Insurance Fraud Money Laundering Indecent Exposure
Identity Theft Pyramid Schemes Fraud
Habitual Traffic Offender Extortion Stalking
Child Abuse Hate Crimes Homicide
First Degree Murder Second Degree Murder Voluntary manslaughter
Involuntary manslaughter Justifiable Homicide
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