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The Law Office of Lisa Wenzel Wells
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The Law Office of Lisa Wenzel Wells
Lisa Wells

300 Madison Avenue, Suite 200
Covington KY 41011
(859) 491-3399

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The Law Office of Lisa Wenzel Wells

Please Call : 859-491-3399

Lisa Wenzel Wells is a fearless, savvy, and aggressive attorney dedicated to defending your case. Her "one-two punch" has proven successful in defending helpless victims of wrongful prosecution:

  • Former Felony Prosecutor Experience
    Using her "insider" experience as a former felony prosecutor, Lisa knows how to accurately assess the prosecution's case against you and subsequently how to defeat it.
  • Effective Methods of Persuasion
    With her national experience making written and oral arguments and specific training from renowned criminal defense attorney Gerry Spence, Lisa Wenzel Wells is a phenomenon in the courtroom.

Above all, Lisa's personal commitment to provide you with the best possible defense comes from a devotion that is truly rare in the world of law. Her battles have been successful because of her experience, know-how, and the fact that she truly cares about you, your family and your freedom.

To find out more about Lisa Wenzel Well's experience, background, or extensive training, please visit her website:

Please Call : 859-491-3399

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Kentucky & Ohio

Lisa Wenzel Wells: Qualifications and Biography

A graduate of NKU in 1999 with a degree in Political Science, Lisa went directly on to law school. There she published two articles and was on law review and moot court at the same time, a rare accomplishment. Her internships included several insurance defense firms, but in her last semester she was asked to work for the Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney's Office. It was at this time that Lisa established her favorable work ethic which ultimately led to being hired as a felony prosecutor soon after her graduation in 2003.

Her criminal law training began with the Kentucky Prosecutor's Institute. But working side-by-side with seasoned prosecutors was the most gainful experience for Lisa Wenzel. She learned about the innermost strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution; what gives them the greatest victories and the worst problems. Essentially, Lisa Wenzel learned how to practice criminal law by the very people who are trying to put her current clients in jail!

Lisa Wenzel Wells later accepted an offer to work for the Governor but, in time, longed for her true calling -- handling criminal cases. So instead of going back to the Prosecutor's office, she decided to work on the opposite side of the fence in criminal defense. After working for a local firm, she realized that she could open her own solo practice. In 2006, the Law Office of Lisa Wenzel was established.

Since that time, Lisa has spent countless hours at training seminars and conferences, keeping up to date and honing her skills as a criminal defense attorney. As a matter of fact, her participation in Continuing Legal Education (CLE) far exceeds the minimum standards set by state law. She is driven by a relentless passion to protect the rights of others and does whatever it takes to meet each challenge. This includes getting specific training for the defense of a single case!

For example, in 2007, Lisa took on the case of a client who had already been charged in federal court with possession of child pornography. He was facing five years for each image he had and there were a few thousand! Before his sentencing, Lisa went to a special training in Phoenix, Arizona, which specifically addressed this client's sentencing memorandum. As a result, instead of receiving a five-year sentence multiplied by a few thousand (nobody even lives that long!), he got one single five-year sentence.

The ultimate challenge in criminal defense comes with clients facing the death penalty. Due to the serious nature of death penalty cases, Ohio law mandates certain requirements that are considered much too time-consuming for most attorneys. But Lisa's extreme dedication to protecting the rights of others prompted her to take the extensive training and is now certified by the Ohio Supreme Court as co-counsel for death penalty cases. Lisa's caring and devotion to her clients has led to an unprecedented expansion in just a few short years. She now offers two locations to better serve her clients in the greater Cincinnati area. The original location is in Covington, Kentucky, and the newest office has opened in Mason, Ohio.

Please Call : 859-491-3399

Covington KY Criminal Defense Attorney

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Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Reckless Driving Assault
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Carjacking Battery Perjury
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